What to do when your employer gives you a bad evaluation (WaterlooWorks)

For uWaterloo co-op students, at the end of your work term you get a work term evaluation. You get graded on certain characteristics, as well as receive a final overall evaluation with the following possible grades:


This seems like a decent scale, but a problem arises when your employer takes the scale literally and doesn’t know about how inflated these evaluations typically are. The vast majority of students get a score of Excellent or Outstanding. Anything below that could be considered a red flag!

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How to study – A guide for struggling students

I initially wrote this guide after my first year, where I learned (the hard way) that time management is the key to academic success. I was absolutely miserable during my first year, and I see many students struggling with the same thing. I wish I had somebody tell me how to study effectively and manage my time, so I’ll write down my advice for any future struggling students. All the tips I’m going to give you are actionable and give tangible results.

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